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Trybal Gatherings
Event Grant

​Urban Dor is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Trybal Gatherings, a renowned provider of Jewish camp experiences for young adults and their friends.  Urban Dor, with its unique blend of cultural events and opportunities to connect with Jewish roots, is offering an incentive of $300 per participant to join Trybal Gatherings 2024 in the picturesque Berkshires. The Event Grant is generously supported by Solinsky EyeCare of West Hartford, CT.

Learn more about Trybal Gatherings - here.

Scholarship Fund

How It Works

Urban Dor is offering an exciting incentive of $300 per participant for Trybal Gatherings 2024 in the Berkshires. Grant is available to the first 12 participants. This offer is open to Jewish young professionals in the Greater Hartford Jewish community who are seeking enriching experiences, adventure, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers. Follow the steps below. 

Got questions? Email


Join The List at Urban Dor to become eligible for this offer and attend at least 1 Urban Dor event prior to Trybal Gatherings by Spring 2024 registration.


Email Urban Dor your interest in the Trybal Gatherings Event Grant for $300 towards ticket cost.


Register for Trybal Gatherings in Spring 2024.

Trybal Gatherings Event Grant
is generously supported by Solinsky EyeCare

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